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How To Hairstyle- Double Braided

Double Braided Hairstyle

We've created a futuristic twist on a much loved hair-do to help you stand out from the crowd of French plaits. Take your style envy to another planet by following our step by step tutorial. 

Step 1

Separate the hair into four equal sections


Step 2

Untie one of the top sections

Step 3

Split the untied hair into 3 sections and begin to plait

Step 4

Once you reach the bottom pony tail, undo and split into 2 sections. Incorporate the existing braid as the 3rd section and continue to plait.

Step 5

Continue until you reach the bottom and repeat on opposite side.


Apply some hair spray to tame fly aways in the plaits. Obviously no style is complete without a fabulous picture!

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