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5 Great Styles For Short Hair

Styles For Short Hair

Are you stuck for inspiration with your new short style? Have a look at these and embrace your bob!

Sleek and straight – It’s a classic and pretty easy to achieve. Use a heat protection spray and spray a section of your hair at arm’s length. Using our Silk Straightener, adjust the temperature to your needs (we like 190 degrees). Simply place the hair between the plates, grip down and glide over the hair. Complete each section and finish with shine spray.

Beach waves, short style – Ah, the style we all hope to achieve with short hair! To create the look – tie up the top section of your hair and spray a heat protection spray on the hair remaining. Starting with the bottom section, wrap your hair around our Silk Waving Wand (remember to alternate the directions of the wave to add extra texture!). Repeat on the middle and top hair sections. For the sections closest to your face, take smaller pieces.

Top Tip: Create that final texture by using a sea salt spray (you can even make this yourself!) and scrunching your hair up.

The Tucked Bun – For those days where you wish you had washed your hair the night before, try the tucked bun. An easy to achieve style that hides a multitude of sins! Take the front sections of hair and twist, pull behind your head and pin in place at the back using bobby pins. To finish the look, roll the remaining lengths of hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Viola!

Half up – If you have thicker hair or like to keep your hair away from your face, the half up trick can work wonders. Go a step further and ramp up the style with a surprisingly easy to achieve wrap-around waterfall braid. Take a front section of hair on one side and start by threading three strands of hair the way you would with any other braid. As you're braiding, leave the bottom strand to hang loose and pick up a new piece of hair each time to continue pulling into the braid. Once you have reached the centre at the back, secure with a bobby pin and repeat on the other side.

Side Braid – Hide a slightly over grown fringe with a very on-trend side Dutch braid. Simply take a front section of hair and split into three further sections. Begin a Dutch braid stitch (essentially a reverse French Braid) adding hair into both sides of the braid, going underneath rather than over the top. Once braided to your desired length, secure in place with a bobby pin.

Top Tip: You can hide the bobby pins by taking a small section of hair and wrapping this around the end of the braid!

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