My Stylist Dryer


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My Stylist Dryer

Create your ideal blow dry on-the-go with this compact but powerful hairdryer. Small but mighty, this hairdryer is the perfect styling tool for every day. Its handy size makes it ideal for traveling, as well as easy storage. Featuring two heat settings for ultimate control and to help you take care of your hair, the MyStylist Hairdryer is your sidekick for everyday styling. The heat settings, combined with the 1800W of power, is a key component to help you regulate the heat applied to your hair.With a styling concentrator to ensure a smooth finish, this product is ideal for your haircare routine. Whether you need a quick blast or a more sophisticated style, you can count on the MyStylist Hairdryer.It also has a cool shot feature – as hair sets while it cools, this will allow you to make sure your style lasts and lasts. There’s an easily removable grille to the back of the dryer, making it much easier to keep your appliance clean by removing product and hair from the vents. Simply store it with its handy hanging loop once you’re done and you’re good to go.

Lightweight and compact, the MyStylist hairdryer is the perfect go-to hair styling tool

Because of its DC current and powerful design, the MyStylist is a great hairdryer for everyone. Reliable and resilient, it travels well and is stored easily.

For heat control and a smooth finish, look no further

The hairdryer’s two settings to control heat and speed mean that you can ensure you’re taking care of your hair, leaving it looking healthy and nourished throughout the day.

More Information

  • Powerful 1800 Watt DC Dryer
  • 2 heat / speed settings
  • Compact design for easy storage 
  • Cool Shot 
  • Styling concentrator
  • Removable easy clean rear grille
  • Hang up loop
  • 2+1 year guarantee
Cool Shot Compact design storage 2 Heat Settings 1800W Styling Concentrator

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