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3 Reasons why you SHOULD clean shave this Valentine’s Day

She’ll love it!

She might tell you that she likes the beard but what’s she’s really thinking is ‘ouch, ow, that’s itchy’. So seriously guys, she’ll appreciate a smooth, clean shaven face this Valentine’s Day – trust us, we’re the experts!

It’s bang on trend

Clean shaven models stormed the London Fashion Week Men’s 2017 catwalks, with the likes of Michael Kors and Topman leading the way. Not only will your girl appreciate a smooth jawline but you’ll be at the forefront of fashion! Shave is coming back for 2017!

It’s not so bad!

Taking the plunge doesn’t have to be so scary, using the right shaving tools will make for a smooth transition, quite literally! 81%* of men in the UK, France and Germany could be using the wrong electric shaver for their skin and stubble type meaning they’re often prone to rash or irritation. Our clever Shave Selector Tool will ensure you select the right shaver for your skin type and find your perfect shaving match.

*Sample of 1,500 men across UK, France and Germany, research conducted by One Poll, March 2016

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