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Radiant Festival Skin

Balance Me’s guide to radiant festival skin

Created ten years ago by sisters, Rebecca and Claire Hopkins, Balance Me is an award-winning skincare brand for women who want natural solutions-orientated products that they can use day after day. We had a chat with them about which of their products you should use to achieve perfect skin and stay glowing this festival season.

A British festival usually involves heavy rain, no showers and plenty of cider. Despite all the disruptions to your normal routine, being at a festival doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. Balance Me has put together its top tips for keeping skin hydrated, radiant and clean during the festival season:

    Having limited access to showers or fresh running water does not give you an excuse to leave your makeup on and skip the most important part of your skincare routine. Using a cotton wool pad, quickly cleanse and brighten your skin with our rejuvenating Micellar Water. Finish your routine off with a layer of Natural Protection Moisturiser with SPF25 that is ideal for shielding your skin from harmful rays on a sunny day.
    If the British summer weather continues to be humid and sunny, your skin will be calling out for some instant hydration. Some Balance Me Skin Bright Toning Mist will soon become your skin’s new best friend; simply spritz it on your face a couple of times for a welcome burst of moisture that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and radiant.
    Described as ‘dewy skin in a bottle’, our Radiance Face Oil is a necessity for all of you who are after a truly radiant complexion. Apply a few drops before you go to sleep and wake up with glowing skin.
  • COVER:
    There’s not really much point in wearing a full face of makeup at a festival as you’ll probably end up rubbing it off within a couple of hours, resulting in your face looking unwashed. Luckily our BB Natural Perfection Cream will provide your skin with light coverage, a flawless finish and protection from the sun with its inclusion of SPF25. Use some Tinted Wonder Eye Cream to conceal dark shadows, reduce puffiness, and ultimately hide all evidence of staying up late the night before!
  • WASH:
    Finding running water at a festival can sometimes be difficult but if you are lucky enough to use a shower, make sure you have our Rise & Shine Travel Pack with you. These minis will keep you smelling sweet all weekend, and include everything you’ll need to wash and moisturise the hair and body.

Follow our top tips for perfect festival radiance and we guarantee everyone will be asking you what your secret is! Shop the Balance Me festival essentials at

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