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Festival Ready Updos

Long flowing hair is usually the go-to style for festivals but it can sometimes be impractical if you’re dancing in a crowd, trying to avoid the rain or simply want your hair to look good over the entire festival instead of just the first day. Try some of these amazing up-dos instead- all you need is a Remington Brush and a selection of hair ties and pins.

The double bun

Cooler than the single bun and easier to achieve, the double bun should be a definite contender for your next festival. Using the sectioning pin in the handle of the Remington Silk Paddle Brush, divide recently brushed hair into two sections and then twist each one into a bun on the top of your head or just behind the ears. Secure with hair ties or pins and a quick dose of hairspray.

The half braid

A compromise between flowing locks and a stylish up-do, the half braid can even be accessorised with flowers or ribbons to make it more colourful. Prepare your hair with our Keratin Therapy Round Brush for a smooth blow dry and then separate the top section of hair from the bottom. Braid the top section either from the roots or from the nape of your neck and secure it at the bottom with a hair tie or a pretty ribbon.

Braided crown

For a really impressive look that will go perfectly with a floral garland, try the braided crown. Brush out your hair and then divide into two sections either side of your head. Braid two plaits and fasten the ends with thin hair ties. Take one braid and cross it over your head before fastening with pins behind the opposite ear. Repeat on the other side. Feel free to tease the braid out to create a large or small crown, or even incorporate ribbons into your braids for a burst of colour.

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