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Our Favourite Party Styles – Party Pony

Look 5

Party Pony

Go from desk to disco with a party look that never fades. The ultimate hairstyle for party season is probably one of the most simple to re-create!

Step 1

Firstly, wave your hair using a curling wand. Then split the hair by taking a diagonal section from the top of the ear to the centre crown and repeat on the other side. Secure the top section for now and create a ponytail on the lower section.

Step 2

Backcomb the top section of hair to create volume at the crown.

Step 3

Gather the hair back and smooth the top layer, being careful not to lose the volume. Secure a second ponytail just above the first one. Taking a section from the top, work this around the pony to hide any grips or bands.

Top Tip – creating two ponytails helps to achieve a longer looking, fuller ponytail!


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