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Our Favourite Party Styles – Braided Crown

Look 3

Braided Crown

This Bardot-esque hairstyle is super sophisticated! This simple up-do can frame any face and adds a touch of glamour to any party look.

Step 1

Take a triangle section at the hair line and start a 3 strand braid working away from the face and adding a small piece of hair from the parting side each time until you reach the crown, then continue the braid to the ends.

Step 2

Repeat the braid on the other side, starting just back from the hair line to allow side fringe to drop out, secure braids with elastic bands.

Step 3

Tuck the banded ends of each braid in OK themselves to hide the ends and secure with grips.

Step 4

Drape sections of hair from just below the braid back off the face and twist at the crown to create a messy detail.

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