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How to Maintain a Moustache

All good things come back around and we’d like to personally welcome back the moustache. A thick chevron moustache was the height of style in the 70s and 80s, gracing the upper lips of TV heroes like Tom Selleck. Many believed that the Magnum P.I. moustache had come and gone, making way for a stubbly new era, but the moustache has been in and out of style for decades. It’s the facial hair of movie royalty. It was the crown jewel of Hollywood, even dating back to the 30’s when icons like Clark Gable cancelled out the clean-shaven crowd. Now the moustache is back once more; discover our tips on how to grow and maintain any style of moustache.

First you need to let the hair on your upper lip grow out. We all grow differently and the secret to wearing a good moustache is working with what you’ve got. If you find that your moustache grows in thicker than the hair at the corners of your mouth, aim for a classic chevron moustache or an ultra-trendy English moustache with curled tips. If you’ve got plenty of hair on your chin then express your inner Sons of Anarchy with a full-throttle handlebar moustache. Or, wear your slender growth with pride and embrace a smart pencil moustache. It’s not about girth, it’s about confidence.

The best way to shape and trim your moustache is with a beard trimmer like the Remington Vacuum Beard and Stubble Trimmer or the Remington Lithium Barba Beard Trimmer. This will give you an even, precision shave all over without cutting off too much in the early stages. When your moustache is dry, set your clippers to a high setting and shave with the growth of the hair, making sure not to apply too much pressure. You’ll also want to invest in a pair of trimming scissors and a moustache comb too. You might not need to trim your moustache every day, but we’d recommend combing it at least once a day to keep it neat and tidy.

Everyone heard that rumour a while back about the presence of faecal matter in our facial hair. While we can safely dispel that myth, we still suggest that you pay close attention to your moustache’s hygiene. Your morning coffee. Your post-work beer. When your moustache starts to reach truly legendary proportions, it’s going to develop a thirst. Neatly trim the longer hairs away from your top lip and invest in some moustache wax to style the hairs away from your mouth. Pick up some good face scrub and thoroughly wash your mo’ every morning and night.

You can let your moustache stand alone or support it by growing the stubble around it. It’s up to you. Every moustache is a feature-length achievement, even if you prop it up with a Colin Farrell-style soul patch below your lower lip or some designer stubble a la Bradley Cooper.

Let us introduce you to your new wingman.

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