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How to Blow Dry Men’s Short Hair

It’s not length that’s important, it’s what you do with it that counts. Short hair might seem easier to maintain than longer styles, but a crisp short back and sides needs plenty of love and attention. Commit to a solid, timeless haircut with these men’s blow dry tips to keep your hair looking sharp.

  1. 1. First, start with a shower.
  2. 2. Prep your hair by dabbing it dry with a towel then grab your Remington hair dryer and set it to a medium heat.
  3. 3. You can easily achieve a short quiff or a Steve McQueen-esque comb over using just that – tools make the man, after all.
  4. 4. Direct your fringe upwards and back then comb in whichever direction suits your profile.
  5. 5. If you’re looking for something with a bit more texture, then use a hollow vent brush to add texture and volume to your hair.
  6. 6. Mess up your fringe for a controlled bedhead look that’s cool and carefree.

Nobody will ever know how long it’s taken you to master working akimbo with a brush and a hair dryer. You don’t get up early to prepare. This is who you are when you roll out of bed. You always look this good.

Steve McQueen was classically clean shaven, but who’s to say you can’t try something edgier? Look at Tom Hardy. People think his fame comes down to his wardrobe-wide shoulders, but it’s really his grooming regime. Who could forget that face from The Dark Knight Rises or Dunkirk? The Bane actor has worn his short back and sides clean-shaven, bearded, goateed, and fuzzed in every combination.

So, pick up the Remington Lithium Barba Beard Trimmer and trim your beard accordingly. If you’re messing up your hair, crop your beard short and tight. Or, offset your professional slick-backed ‘do with a bit of stubble. You choose. At this point, my friend, you can’t really go wrong.

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