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How to Blow Dry a Man’s Quiff

Maintaining a good quiff is simple to master. All you need is the right balance of patience and product. Yet, many thick heads of hair are languishing, as men fear to don an Elvis-style do. Why, you ask? Well, despite hundreds of icons rocking the quiff over the years – David Beckham, George Clooney and more recently, Toby Alderweireld – all it took was a set of Irish twins to upset a 70-year-old trend.

The line between Cristiano Ronaldo and Jedward isn’t as fine as you think, gentlemen. So that you can properly style it out, here are a few simple blow dry tips on how to shape your quiff so that you look like a global sports star or movie icon. Not half of a miming karaoke duo.

First thing’s first: prep. A workman is only as good as his tools, so wash your hair thoroughly, then dry. Apply a light styling pomade and then comb your hair back off your face. Easy.

Next: grab your Remington hairdryer and a vent brush. Set your hairdryer to a medium heat and comb your fringe upwards and forwards, like a wave, with the heat just below the bristles. Brush your hair back over your head and repeat until you have a nice springy curve of hair going on. Remember that the longer your hair is, the longer it’ll take to style. Have patience, Padawan.

If your hair is wavy then you can opt for a messier James Dean-variety quiff, but if you always ate your crusts and still want something a little more sophisticated, then you can get your quiff into line with Remington Air Plates Straighteners. Straighten up and forwards then brush back.

Finish up with a touch of hairspray to hold your hair in position and there you have it: a legendary risk-free quiff.

Let us introduce you to your new wingman.

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