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Which Beard Suits Your Face?

Can all men grow a beard? Absolutely. If history has proven one thing, it’s that there’s a beard for every face. For every seaworthy Ernest Hemmingway, there’s a slim-cut William Shakespeare, and nothing’s changed in the 21st Century. Trendy coffee shops and vegan bars are packed with mutton chops and gruff goatees. Every folically-fortunate man is attempting to grow out their beard, but which beard styles suit your face? 

Round Face

If your cheekbones are roughly as long across as your face is from top to bottom then you’ll want to make the angles of your beard work for all they’re worth. Sport a triangular-shaped beard that’s longer on the bottom and shorter on the cheeks – a goatee would suit you nicely. Let the stubble grow in on your cheeks for a swashbuckling style akin to Johnny Depp.

Oval Face

Rejoice, you fortunate men! Those with oval faces are free to sport just about any style of beard they want. With a combination of facial length, sharp bone structure and rounded features, oval faces are uniquely suited to the Salvador Dali as much as the Blackbeard.

Square Face

Brad Pitt. Zack Effron. Ryan Reynolds. Do you know what all men have in common other than your envious dislike of them? They all have square faces. While the strong jaw and cheekbones of these action men is traditionally an attractive trait, it’s kryptonite to broad beards. A full-frontal Hagrid will only swamp your jaw and elongate your face. Instead, complement your natural angles with a round or triangular beard – a stately Abraham Lincoln style for example.

Rectangle Face

If you have a rectangle face, then the Karl Marx of beards isn’t going to suit you. Keep it tight on the bottom and full in the cheeks. This’ll make your jaw appear wider and more in-keeping with the lengthier proportions of your profile. Pick up your Style Series F5 Foil Shaver and shave a Denzel Washington in Training Day beard close and tight.

Triangle Face

Having a pointed chin isn’t the end of the world. It’s an invitation to add some panache to your look. Keep it square on the chin, short on the cheeks and style that moustache to full-bodied perfection. This Bill Shakespeare style has been sported by the likes of Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal, so don’t protest too much. You’ll need a versatile beard trimmer like the Remington Lithium Barba Beard Trimmer to sculpt the varying lengths of this style.

Heart-Shaped Face

The sad news, gents, is that we don’t recommend growing a full beard if you have a heart-shaped face. With a narrower chin and wider forehead, you run the risk of becoming more hair than face – like a sandwich with more bread than bacon. The silver lining is that designer stubble never goes out of style. Sculpt that five o’clock shadow with yourStyle Series F5 Foil Shaver.

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