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The Beard Line Debate

Where does the optimum beard line lie? Shave your beard line too low, and you risk sporting a neckbeard that would make your history teacher jealous. Too high and it could look as if you’re wearing a chinstrap to keep your hair on. It’s a common conundrum. Some men might prefer to avoid a beard line altogether, but for those of you that aren’t aiming for the Tom Hanks in Castaway vibe, Remington Men has you covered. Here’s our definitive guide on how to trim a beard line.

As with everything beard, your neckline is unique. It makes a sharp border to the underside of your beard, outlining its shape and volume. This means that the ideal neckline varies from face to face. We’ll start out with a few general rules before getting specific with beard styles.

The rule of thumb with beard lines is to follow a curve from behind your earlobe underneath the jaw to just above your Adam’s apple and all the way to your opposite earlobe. It should form one neat line. Grab your Remington Lithium Barba Beard Trimmer or Vacuum Beard & Stubble Trimmer and shave downwards from this line. If you shave upwards, then you run the risk of accidentally crossing the line and ending up shaving off more beard to compensate. Afterwards, shave a narrow line between your beard and your ear, linking your natural hairline to the corner of your jaw. Don’t make this angle too pointed. You want it to seem like a natural curve rather than the backend of a fire axe. When you’ve connected all these slightly sloping lines together, you’re all finished. It’s that simple, and it doesn’t really get more complex when you factor in varying styles – but we’ve still got some tips for those with goatees and Erik the Reds.

If you’re currently sporting a full pioneer’s beard, then make sure you boldly define your borders with a crisp beard line. A voluminous beard is always manly but with an untamed beard line comes a hermit-like quality. After you’ve followed the above instructions for trimming your neck, apply shaving foam and clean shave below the neckline. It’s equal parts meeting the parents and splitting logs with your bare hands.

Many men prefer a faded beard line and aren’t sure how to go about it. If that’s you, then don’t just eyeball it with random settings on your beard trimmer. Follow the instructions for finding your beard line as above – with a slight twist. Raise your chin and place two fingers above your Adam’s apple; the top half is your index finger, and the bottom is your middle finger. Shave the top half at your usual setting then set your beard trimmer to a slightly lower setting and shave the bottom half. Everything underneath can completely go, and just like that, your beard line is smoother than a honey-flavoured bourbon.

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