Style Series F5 Foil Shaver


69.99 RRP

ControlCut Technology to help reach low-lying hairs

Some electric razors don’t feel like they shave quite close enough, but the shaver comes with a micro comb and intercept trimmer built in as part of the ControlCut Technology, so is perfect for those who prefer a sharp and clean-shaven look. Use with the stubble styler to maintain the appearance of stubble for a versatile style.

ConstantConour Technology to work with facial contours

ConstantContour functionality to help effortlessly navigate the contours of the face. Effortlessly glide over chin, cheeks and jawbones with the F4, ensuring maximum contact and comfort, leaving no hairs un-cut.

Instead of the hassle of having to revisit areas or adjust the angle of the shaver, the F4 works together with your facial features with its pivoting head and ConstantContour Technology.

More Information

  • ControlCut Technology to help reach lower-lying hairs
  • ConstantContour Technology for ease of maneuvering and navigation of the face
  • Additional attachment for beard trimming and maintenance
  • Detail Trimmer for precision styling
  • 3 Day Stubble Styler functionality
  • Cordless, with 50-minutes usage per charge
  • Fully waterproof for easy cleaning with brush included
  • 2-year guarantee as standard (register the product online for an extra year’s guarantee)

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