PROluxe Midnight 13-25mm Wand


39.99 RRP
PROluxe Midnight 13-25mm Wand

The Remington Proluxe Midnight Edition Curling Wand is perfect for creating beautiful, natural waves. The curling wand has a PRO+ heat setting which automatically sets the temperature to 185°C and thanks to OPTIheat technology, heat is only applied to the hair where it matters. The 13mm-25mm barrel comes in an elegant black and rose gold design- the perfect addition to any styling routine.

Care while you curl

Remington Proluxe Midnight Curling Wand has a handy PRO+ setting that means you can achieve lasting styles at a lower temperature of 185ºC. If you have thicker hair and require a higher temperature, it heats up to 210°C in 30 seconds so everyone can enjoy gorgeous hair in half a minute.

Style with confidence

Ever lose grip of your hair whilst curling? The barrel has an Advanced Ceramic Grip Tech coating which not only tames frizz and promotes head-turning shine, it helps to prevent hair from slipping while it’s styling. 

More Information

  • OPTIheat technology targets heat where it’s needed for longer lasting styles 
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds 
  • 13-25mm conical barrel – perfect for natural waves
  • A PRO+ setting allows you to achieve styles at a lower styling temperature of 185ºC
  • Advanced Ceramic Grip Tech coating makes for frustration free styling
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