MyGroom Rotary Shaver


14.99 RRP

Dual track blades give better coverage

Thanks to the triple action shave head, you can enjoy a quick and easy shave, tackling your five o’clock shadow in no time.

Flexing cutters adapt to your facial contours

You want a powerful, smooth and easy shave and this product’s flexing cutters adapts as you move around your face – gliding over jawlines and around facial features so you get the best cut possible.

More Information

  • Dual track blades provide 50% more coverage*
  • Flexing cutters to adapt to facial contours 
  • Triple action shave head
  • Removable shave head for easy cleaning & maintenance. 
  • Corded use for reliable power
  • Dry use
  • Compact size and removable power cord for easy storage
  • Universal voltage
  • Cleaning brush

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