MyGroom Rotary Shaver


14.99 RRP
MyGroom Rotary Shaver

Every man wants a shave that’s comfortable, quick, easy and effective – and that’s exactly what the MyGroom Rotary Shaver offers. Dual track blades give 50% more coverage*, so you can save time – and you’re less likely to miss a patch. Flexing cutters on the triple action shave head adapt to your face shape, resulting in a smooth shaving experience. No one wants to be the guy with squares of tissue paper on his face covering the shaving nicks and scrapes – and with this rotary shaver, you won’t be. When it comes to cleaning, the shave head is easy to remove and the product comes with its own cleaning brush so you can keep it in top working order. Its compact size, removable power cord for easy storage and the fact it can operate with universal voltage makes this an ideal product for travelling, whether in your own country or overseas.

Dual track blades give better coverage

Thanks to the triple action shave head, you can enjoy a quick and easy shave, tackling your five o’clock shadow in no time.

Flexing cutters adapt to your facial contours

You want a powerful, smooth and easy shave and this product’s flexing cutters adapts as you move around your face – gliding over jawlines and around facial features so you get the best cut possible.

More Information

  • Dual track blades provide 50% more coverage*
  • Flexing cutters to adapt to facial contours 
  • Triple action shave head
  • Removable shave head for easy cleaning & maintenance. 
  • Corded use for reliable power
  • Dry use
  • Compact size and removable power cord for easy storage
  • Universal voltage
  • Cleaning brush
Universal Removable shave head Reliable Cord Flexing Cutters Dual Track

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