Heritage Foil Shaver


149.99 RRP
Heritage Foil Shaver

Inspired by Remington’s 80 years of expertise in shaving, the Heritage Foil combines premium, iconic style with the very latest in technology. With a sleek, chrome die cast finish, this shaver looks fantastic – and provides the ultimate shave.

Multidirectional LiftLogic foils make sure that the hair is lifted from all angles, guaranteeing a close shave. The foils flex to the contours of your face, meaning you’re less likely to need to repeat the same area, which can lead to skin irritation.

The hybrid intercept trimmer targets and captures longer hairs and with two LiftLogic Foils and 3 x cutting technology, the Heritage Foil allows for understated facial hair styling.

With a 60-minute run time, the Heritage Foil can be used with or without a cord, with either gel or foam. It’s fully washable, therefore cleaning and maintenance is easy, a cleaning brush is also included to get rid of any stubborn hairs.

LiftLogic Flexing Foils

The multidirectional foils are designed to capture hairs, from any direction, while the flex enables the shaver to adapt to all your facial contours. 

Intercept Trimmers

The hybrid intercept trimmer is designed to capture longer hairs, so you don’t need to resort to multiple tools or repeatedly shaving the same area, which can lead to irritation. A detail trimmer helps you create a precise, neat look with ease.

More Information

  • LiftLogic foils helps capture hairs from all directions
  • Hybrid intercept trimmer targets and captures longer hairs
  • Flexing foils adapt to your facial contours
  • Toggle switch
  • Fully washable - use with shave foam/gel
  • Cord/cordless
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Lithium powered – up to 60 mins runtime
  • Storage pouch
  • Detail trimmer
  • Charging LED indicator
  • Quick charge feature
  • Power adaptor
  • Head Guard
  • Cleaning brush
Toggle Switch Hybrid Intercept Trimmer Flexing Foils

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