G3 Graphite Series Multi Grooming Kit


29.99 RRP
G3 Graphite Series Multi Grooming Kit

The G3 Graphite Series contains the trimmers and combs you need for grooming on the go. The Graphite coated blades are designed to give you a precise and comfortable trim. Whatever your personal style, this kit has everything you need to achieve it.

Smooth gliding comfort

The graphite coated blades won’t let you down. They are precision engineered for smooth gliding comfort.

A tool for every style

The kit comes complete with a choice of grooming tools to achieve different facial hair styles from beards to micro stubble. It has one adjustable comb (2-20mm) and two fixed combs (1.5mm for 3 day stubble & 3mm for body hair maintenance). The G3 contains three attachments: a 30mm main trimmer, a separate Linear Trimmer for your nose, ears and eyebrows, and a TST (trim shave technology) Trimmer to achieve lengths of 0.2mm. 

Great grooming on the go

The G3 is cordless and gives you up to 40 minutes’ use from a single charge and everything can be stored easily inside its own premium storage bag. It has been designed for clean-shaven edging, micro stubble and beards so you won’t have to switch your kit if you want to switch your style.

More Information

  • Graphite coated blades 
  • Cordless: Up to 40 mins run-time
  • Comfort Tip Blades
  • 30mm Main Trimmer
  • Linear Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer
  • Washable Heads
  • Choice of combs
  • TST Precision Trimmer
  • Premium Storage Pouch
Graphite-Engineered-Coating-Designed-For-Smooth-Glide-Comfort Long-Beard Hair-Clipping Contour Edging Close Hair Cutting Body Hair Maintenance 3 Day Stubble Short-Beard Premium Travel Pouch Precision Trimming Universal LED Cordless

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