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Bouncy Curls

Are you looking for super bouncy Curls? Our Curl and Straight Confidence is the perfect tool to allow you to curl with straighteners. Just clamp a small section of hair between the plates. Grip the cool tip and rotate the styler 180°. Maintain this position as you glide downwards very slowly.

Soft Waves

Do you struggle to create soft waves with your straighteners? Well now you don’t have to. Simply clamp a medium size section of hair between the plates. Grip the cool tip and rotate the styler 180 °. Maintain this position as you glide slowly downwards. Brush the hair through once cooled.

Smooth Straight

As well as creating super sleek hair, our Curl and Straight Confidence is a great straightener. To create smooth straight hair, just clamp a medium sized section of hair between the plates. Grip the cool tip and glide smoothly downwards.  

More Information

  • Unique twisted plates for easy curling and straightening
  • 2-in-1 intuitive, simple styling that creates bouncy curls, soft waves and smooth, sleek styles
  • Advanced, ultra-smooth ceramic coated plates infused with anti-static tourmaline for an effortless glide and frizz free shine
  • Digital high heat; 5 temperature setting 150-230ºC. Suitable for all hair types
  • Easy grip cool tips for ultimate styling control
  • Longer plates with micro guide combs. Secures hair onto the plate for fast, one pass styling
  • Smooth, rounded housing instantly cools hair to set long-lasting curls
  • Floating plate for superior alignment
  • Temperature control dial
  • On/off button
  • Memory and temperature lock function
  • Temperature boost function
  • Fast heat up – ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Automatic safety shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Worldwide voltage
  • Swivel cord
  • Plate lock for easy storage
  • Heat resistant storage sleeve
  • 3+1 year guarantee (register the product online for an extra year’s guarantee)

Learn more about Curl & Straight Confidence

Why are the plates twisted?

The twisted plates are a design feature unique to Curl & Straight Confidence there to guide you on the motion needed to create a curl. Following the twist in the plates the styler should be turned one half turn (180°) towards or away from your head; the plates are symmetrical so that the same motion is needed to create an inwards or outwards curl.

Clockwise turn = Inwards Curl

One half turn (180°) towards your head.

Anti-clockwise turn = Outwards Curl

One half turn (180°) away from your head.

The plates are twisted; will they still straighten my hair?
Like a regular straightener the Curl & Straight Confidence styler has two heated plates that when closed are flat onto each other to smooth down your hair, straightening it out. The micro guide combs softly grip your hair, ensuring each strand is captured so straightening can be achieved in one pass.
Why are there micro-guide combs along the edge of the plates?
The micro guide combs are there to help secure your hair onto the plate whilst styling so curls or straight styles can be achieved in one pass. It is important to make sure each section of your hair is fully brushed and free from tangles and stray hairs before use for a smooth glide.
Creating curls.

As with any tool, if you are curling for the first time it is important to experiment first, so you can become confident and create the curl size and shape you want each time.
Curl size and shape is dependent on three factors; temperature, section size and gliding speed

What temperature setting is best suited for my hair?

We understand that everyone’s hair is unique so we’ve integrated 5 temperature settings between 150ºC -230ºC suitable for different hair types to create varying styles.
As a guide we recommend:

150ºC -170ºC – For fine, damaged or bleached hair

170ºC -210ºC – Normal, healthy hair

210ºC -230ºC – Thick and difficult to style hair

If you’re unsure of your hair type experiment with a section at 190ºC and adjust the temperature up or down accordingly based on the result you achieve.
When curling at a slow gliding speed if you find your curl is too loose try again; glide at the same slow speed and increase the temperature which will help give a bouncier result.

What size section of hair should I use when curling?

The size of section of hair you use will determine the tightness of your curl; smaller sections (up to 2cm wide) create tight curls, larger sections (up to 4cm wide) create soft waves.

For maximum styling efficiency, section your whole head and pin up your hair into manageable sections; first your crown, then top layers, sides, and middle sections, revealing the underneath layers ready for styling.

Always begin styling with your underneath layers first, then your middle layers then the top, crown and sides so that the curls you create lay evenly on top of each other.

If your hair is layered make sure each of your styling sections consist of the same length hair and not different lengths, this will make it easier to style.

At what speed should I glide my Curl & Straight Confidence styler through my hair?

The speed you glide the plates through your hair will also help determine the tightness of the curl; the slower you glide through your hair the bouncier your curl will be.

The guide below is to create a bouncy curl, for a looser wave glide faster as required:

Short to shoulder length hair – Should take between 5 – 10 seconds to glide down each section
Shoulder – mid length hair – Should take between 10-15 seconds to glide down each section

Medium – longer length hair – Should take between 15-20 seconds to glide down each section

Make sure you keep the speed consistent all the way down each section.

I want to create a curl; how much do I need to turn?

When curling with your Curl & Straight Confidence always make sure you turn a full 180°, either clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on how you want your curl to fall.
Also see ‘Why are the plates twisted’ for more information.

Can I use my Curl & Straight Confidence styler when travelling overseas?
Yes, your Curl & Straight Confidence has integrated worldwide voltage so you can use it wherever in the world you may be.
Can I use my Curl & Straight Confidence on wet hair?
For best results we recommend that your hair is freshly washed and dried before use.

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